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How To Keep Android Phone Running Smooth Like A New (Part-One)

How To Keep Android Phone Running Smoothly Like New

A Complete Very Useful Topic In Details “Why Your Android Starts To Hang, Slow Down, Unresponsive After Passing Time” With Some Easy Solutions For Problem

Dear Friends, as I promised to all of you in my “First Introduction Post” to give you the best solution for your all major tech related problems. I am present here with my new post, in which I am trying to discuss in detail ‘How to keep android phone running smooth” which is one of the major common problems of hanging, slowing down of Android phones’. I strongly believe that this is one of the biggest problems which every Android phone user is facing and also same time trying to seek the best solution of the same everywhere.
Since I faced the same problem also, when I purchased my new ‘Android first time’ and later found the solution of the same, then I thought that I must suggest others the best solution of this problem, as people always search everywhere that “how to make my android phone run faster” or “how to keep android running smoothly“, so after reading this article readers may get rid of this common problem. I hope that my this little effort would be definitely helpful for all of you to handle this major problem in better way. The topic of the post is really important and lengthy, and can’t be covered in a single post only, so it will take at least ‘two posts’ to cover all the important related issues of the topic. I think you wouldn’t mind if you want to get good information just at the cost of sparing your little precious time. 
There is no two doubt that “Android phone” is a quite powerful amazing device, which has just completely changed the whole way of living our lives, not only just our working life but also our personal life. It has just become a very important part of our life whether it’s personal or official. Most of our precious time, we like to pass with our smartphone in doing some office work, checking emails, watching our favorite programs and entertainment shows, playing games etc.. Since the Android phone is the single best solution of all our problems, it has just replaced so many other electronic items like wrist-watch, calculator, radio, walk-man, torch etc., so there is no end of uses and list is endless now in the modern era.
The great useful app is available on ‘Play store’ and also on other places, they are available on the touch of our fingers. We just need to turn them on and desired apps open quickly, its navigation is quite fast and responsive, moreover, in general, every given task runs too smoothly with its maximum efficiency. I think everyone must be agreeing with me.
But now, in spite of all such a great facility, favorable situation and scenario, all of us are now facing a biggest serious problem of regular hanging and slowing down of our smartphone after passing time. Almost every user is in the tense of slow working and the unresponsive problem of his/her Android phone whether its low-end budget or a costly branded fast phone that even starts to slow down, as it got older after each passing day. Now, this question comes first in our mind that why does this start to happen with our phones? What are the major reasons for this much irritating problem of “regular hanging, slow down, being unresponsive, slow loading of apps, poor performance etc. of our great Android device. You people must know that “how to keep android box running smooth“.
How To Keep Android Phone Running Smoothly Like New

 Know how to make your android phone run faster

I think the ‘first biggest main possible reason’ of this problem may be ‘capacity of memory’ or “actual internal storage” of our Android Phone. As I have already discussed above that easy availability of thousands of good useful apps has just made the situation worse, because we wish to use maximum apps on our phone to gain the maximum advantages / benefits from our phone so generally we install so many great useful apps in our phone from play store without keeping in mind and worrying of actual utilizable “Internal Storage Capacity” of our phone.
Mostly all the low and medium range budget phones available in the market are having ‘16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB’ capacity of storage, only a few higher range costly phones are packed with up to ‘256 GB’ storage capacity which is not possible for everyone to afford. That’s why we are focusing here on low and medium range phones. As out of 16 to 64 GB, approx 5 to 6 GB space is generally consumed in ‘Android OS’ itself like ‘Nougat, Oreo or latest Pie’ and also in other pre-installed apps come with new phone. So actual internal storage which is actually available for utilization with us goes down from 10, 22 or 52 GB respectively as per internal storage of phone as 16, 32 or 64 GB.
Since, it is clear very now, that we are having less actual available space with us for using, so because of installing of so many apps and also filling the memory with our other important stuff like songs, videos, documents etc. (as some people don’t like to use any memory card), our phone’s memory becomes exhausted, and reaches almost near to full, then in this situation our phone starts to work slow, hanging after regular interval, unresponsive etc., since, as now our phone does not have enough empty memory to work smoothly as it actually needed always, ‘at least 2 to 3 GB’ free memory space to run all its operation comfortably without any trouble and give the best result. But, unfortunately, most of us, due to our ignorance, don’t worry and care about this major issue and generally keep our memory full with some apps and other stuff and face the problem of slow speed, hanging, taking much time in the loading of apps etc. This is probably the main reason for the said problem.

The second main reason of the problem is “incompatibility of RAM with processor and memory” or we can say in an easy word that using insufficient RAM with a more powerful processor and better memory storage. Our RAM should be always as per our capacity of available processor and internal storage of our phone because if we are having good memory capacity and processor but our RAM is insufficient, then whenever we would use more apps at a single time, as usually all of us do, in that condition sometime ‘RAM’ start to be exhausted, as it can’t bear big load of all the apps running simultaneously’ because of overloading of memory and phone starts to be hang, slow down etc.

Mostly low budget range phones, which are coming in the market are mainly offering just ‘1 or 2 GB of RAM’ & some of the medium range are now powered with 3 or 4 GB, a  few costly phones are available with 6 GB or with much higher RAM. If you don’t have to use many application at same time or you don’t have much load of work then ‘1 or 2 GB RAM’ can be sufficient and good for you, but if you are bound to use so many application simultaneously and your work load is heavy and your dependency on the phone is much higher then you must have your phone powered with ‘at least 3 or 4 GB of RAM’, as now people have started to finish their mostly office on their Android phone, while for which till now they were only depending on their ‘desktop or laptop’.
Easy availability of good useful apps has just compelled the people to use Android much more than any other traditional device. Playing heavy games, watching 3D or 4K Movies, preparing heavy presentation need a good high speed processor and higher capacity of RAM. In last, we should always try to have ‘Android with a higher power of RAM’ if possible as per our budget, to run our phone smoothly and also to avoid any problem of slow loading of apps or hanging after a little interval.
We must know that all the equipment like computers, laptops, tablets, and phones start to slow down with the passing time as they accumulate data and also junk. After passing one or two years computing resources like ‘Internal storage and RAM also becomes exhausted.
Today, through this post, we are trying to quick fixes all the above problems through our complete guide and some useful tips to speed up your smartphone and same time make your phone fast again like a new one. There are also some “best apps to keep android running smoothly“. By adopting these simple maintenance steps, you can keep your phone always performing at its best, with a little know-how you can easily keep your device running smoother and faster. You should never think that  your phone has become old, performance of any phone always depends on its user that how its user maintain his / her phone, whatever features they used. You should follow these small easy tips to get a better result, performance of your device for smooth operation.
Dear friends, please note that this post is going to be too lengthy, so all the important tips which I am going to discuss and share with you are available just in my very next post or you can say in ‘Second Part’ of this post, as I have already mentioned above in title itself, which you please don’t mind. Always be stay in touch with us for nice information.
Note that, the title of the next post being given hereunder for your reference:
Stay tuned with us always for important and interesting stuff.
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