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How To Keep Your Android Phone Running Smooth

How To Keep Your Android Phone Running Smooth Like A New (Part-Second)

Dear friends, I am present here with ‘Second Part’ of my last published post with title’ “How To Keep Your Android Phone Running Smoothly Like A New”, in the previous post, I have clearly explained in very detail that what are the major reasons of hanging, slowing down of your Android phone after passing time’. The said topic is very important and big enough to explain so it is being divided in two parts.
Here I am suggesting you some important easy tips to keep your Android device running smoothly without any trouble for long time:

Better Memory Management

My very first tips is related to the problem which we have already discussed in Ist Part of topic that ‘Always try to keep more free space in your internal storage, in order to work your ‘Android’ smoothly as it needed at least 2GB to 3 GB empty space of your internal storage, otherwise it may start to hang, work slow and taking long time in loading of any app. Please don’t try to fill your memory storage with unnecessary stuffs like videos, images and other unimportant things. 

Full Controlling on your RAM

As I have also cleared in detail in my last post that RAM is second most important part of your Android, which plays an important role in the smooth running of your device, so first of all try to buy any phone powered with a ‘RAM of minimum capacity of 3 or 4 GB’ in order to run all the installed apps smoothly and also to do so many works / operations simultaneously. We should try to keep our installed RAM more free to load apps comfortably, for which we can use any good app from play store. 

Always keep your Android updated

This is another very important point, which we can’t ignore in order to keep our phone, running smooth and work like a new phone. As the latest version of operating system of any phone, Android, ios or blackberry are issued or updated by its issuing authority time to time for improvement and better performance of devices and also to make your phone ready to cope with some ‘bug fixes problem’ as finally to make your phone run  smoothly and fast for long time. So if you’re going to buy any new Android, then try to buy device powered with ‘latest OS’ with a facility to update it again with a new higher version. 

Keep control on your apps

As I have discussed in my last post that easy availability of good apps has made the situation worse, people like to keep so many apps installed, in their device because of the great utility of those apps. While they do not use them at all and sometimes most of them perform same type of task. It is not possible to use all the apps frequently, some of them are really important and used frequently, which you can’t ignore or install at any cost, like ‘Camera, video player, pdf, e-book reader, office and file transferring etc. apps, but what about those, which are not used regularly, so here, you just need to periodically evaluate and review the apps that you have installed on your device to check that which apps are really useful and coming in use daily and which are not very useful and consuming the system’s resources constantly unnecessary. Once you evaluate all the apps then, just uninstall and get rid of those heavy apps that aren’t very useful to you anymore and try to find some lighter apps. Just keep installed ‘only a few good apps’ which you really needed to keep your device running smoother & faster and also to allow your device some space to breathe forever.

Having control over preloaded or preinstalled apps

In above paragraph on no.4, we discussed about those apps, which we install after purchasing a new phone from play-store or download from some other places, but what to do of those apps that come preloaded on your phone and can’t be deleted at any cost. So don’t allow such apps that you never use to take up some space on your device and consume your system resources and run automatically in the background. When you see that you just can’t uninstall them, and then tap ‘Disable’ or ‘Force stop’ to those apps you don’t want to run in the background. Note that all disabled apps, would be listed in a new tab, so you can enable in future whenever you needed they will again start functioning.

How To Keep Your Android Phone Working Smoothly

How To Make My Android Phone Run Faster

Periodically clear up browser’s and apps’s cached data

First we will talk about apps’s cache data, you must know that whatever app you use, it takes up a lot of space on memory and generate lots of cache data. You would be surprised to know that apps like ‘Facebook’ always tend to generate and store a lot of data in their cache. Passing over a period of time, it may start overwhelming your phone’s hardware. Whenever you find that any app that is crashing repeatedly and start working slowly, then you should clear its cache and all stored data by going into the ‘Setting’ of your ‘Android. Clearing apps cache can help to use all the apps at full of their potential and same time speed up your phone.

Now we also should know about the browser’s cache and cookies. Most of the people use many times ‘browser’ in a day to surf the internet on the smartphone, then browser is bound to generate caches and cookies and take too much space, then a lot of data is stored in the phone’s active memory, and cache’s memory clogs up the active memory of phone and finally slows down its ability to surf, and moreover lead to make the device and browser working slowly. So always keep clear up cookies and cache data of your browser by complete cleaning of all store data of your default browser by going in to the  setting > apps > default browser. Try to adopt the practice of clear out the browser cache and cookies on regular intervals to free up the more memory space. 

Clean or wipe-out all waste storage

If you wish to clear all the whole lot of all types of cached data, junk files, other apps left residual files in one single go, then there is also provision of this in your android, which is available in the setting section of your phone, just go to ‘Settings > Storage, tap on cached data and then tap ‘ok’. If you wish then also you can any good ‘cleaner’ app, which can also clean out all your junk, cookies and cache in one go and help you to keep your phone running smoothly and perform superb. 

Keep strong eye on other mobile services

You must avoid animation, so try to keep turn off some of animations of your device. You can do it by enabling ‘Developer option’ of your device. Find there ‘Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and also Animator duration scale, you can set them to .5x or off in order to work your phone fast. Also avoid live wallpaper, if you choose to use the option of live wallpaper then consider to replacing it with a good image. You should also clear up any unused icons and try to limit your widgets to the most essentials. The less cover of your home screen means, the better performance. You should turn off the auto-sync, as this syncing has a big impact on the performance of your phone. You can go to Settings and find there Auto-sync under accounts and then just turn it off. 

Remove custom launchers

If you have just installed any custom launchers in your android, you should try to remove, because mostly all launchers, even the best ones slow down your phone. Some time it may be a good idea to use any good third-party launcher. But you must be careful if you are going to use any third-party launcher. You should just stick to only one launcher at a time. You can try out like Nova, Go or Apex Launcher. 

Reboot and factory reset your phone

It is very important to reboot your phone at least once in a week, but if you didn’t switch off your phone from long time then you will find that it has become slow, so just turn it off for a few minutes and on again. You should know that rebooting the phone off clears off all its ‘RAM’ and immediately ‘shuts down’ all unnecessary apps which are running in the background. In last, if you want to “keep your Android running smooth”  for a long time, then try to ‘reset your Android’ at least after every ‘two months’ because, a factory reset erases all its data and resets your device to its original position as the way it was, when you buy it. There could be situation when your device will start giving trouble to you, it might hang or slow down and then nothing you can do that will fix the issue, then it can even solve all the random issues with apps and may eradicate problems.
You must know that all android devices come with a built-in option for factory reset. To start the factory reset, just go to ‘Settings > Backup & Reset and then select option of Factory data Reset. Since, this option will remove all of your data permanently, so make sure before starting it, that you have taken proper backup of all your important data like files, documents, videos, pictures, phone book’s contacts and messages. You can also use some good apps for quick backup and restore them after the factory reset.
                                                Friends, as the matter of the post is going to be very lengthy, so not discussing any more, I am ending it here by saying that apart from above important tips, some other things, which you should take also under consideration like ‘battery management, control on permission to other apps, display and sound setting etc., in order to keep your mobile working better. You can use above noted tips to maintain and “keep your android running smoothly like a new” phone for a long time and get the better performance from your phone. Now, I hope that you would definitely take the benefits from the above tips. 
Good bye & have a nice day.
(Hemant Gupta)
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